Superintendent’s Goals

Superintendent’s Goals for 2015-16

  • Provide the leadership necessary to reach student achievement goals.
    1. Improve the Dual Language program. Implement design changes that are evidence-based and that have shown results in other districts.  Identify an assessment instrument to measure level of Spanish literacy.
    2. Reach the Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs) established by the state of Iowa for English Language Learners (ELLs) K-12. Support implementation of resources such as Imagine Learning.  Assist in the formulation of the Corrective Action Plan.
    3. Lead the design of a Teacher Leadership and Compensation plan that will gain strong staff support and the level of consensus necessary for effective implementation.
    4. Support improvement of reading proficiency in grades P-5 through screening, intervention, monitoring and adjustments. Improve math proficiency in P-5.
      1. Gather and report Fall, Winter and Spring assessment results. Meet regularly with building principal and building leaders regarding results of weekly progress monitoring.
      2. Work with personnel to determine how we might use data from myON Reader and ST Math to guide our interventions.
    5. Continue to monitor and support student achievement at the middle school.
      1. Review progress on benchmark indicators for ELA units.
      2. Identify and purchase a math assessment to replace Skills Iowa.
    6. Support the high school in their goals to increase the percentages of students who score at the advanced level, who achieve college readiness scores on the ACT test, who achieve a score of “3” on Advanced Placement (AP) tests, and who meet or exceed proficiency scores for reading, math and science. Maintain or increase the graduation rate through careful monitoring and intervention for students who are not “on track” to graduate in four years.
    7. Learning goals/resources: ELL Academy; Dual Language Education for a Transformed World (Thomas & Collier, 2012); School Leadership for Results (Carbaugh, Marzano & Toth, 2015); SAI Executive Leaders; MBAEA Superintendent Network; DALI; increased presence in classrooms (4 hours per week).
  • Maintain good communication with school and community stakeholders.
    1. Provide regular feedback to staff. Ensure they are kept up-to-date with pertinent issues and developments so that their efforts are aligned with the district’s vision and goals.
      1. Weekly memo (Cometary). DLT meetings and notes.  Executive council meetings and notes.  1:1 meetings.  E-mail messages to district.  Classroom visits.  Visibility and availability.
    2. Keep parents and the greater community aware of student achievement levels and other school issues; engage them in school improvement efforts.
      1. Annual newsletter to every residence in the district.
      2. Student achievement reports and school improvement reports posted on website
      3. LSIAC members review data, contribute to the improvement plan, formulate a vision, and mission, and identify goals that will help the district realize the vision
      4. Parent nights
  • Work in collaboration with school and community stakeholders on activities and programs that foster safe and positive learning environments and advance student achievement.
    1. UI mobile clinics; GED program
    2. School Climate Transformation grant from the DE
    3. ISU Extension: Juntos (for Latino families)
    4. Maintain good relationships with the chamber of commerce, service clubs, the ministerial association, local government organizations, MCC, the University of Iowa, and other organizations.
  • Improve the fiscal condition of the school district and provide the resources necessary to support our school improvement efforts. Indicators:
    1. Revenue exceeds expenditures, resulting in a greater solvency ratio.
    2. Current levels of budget authority are maintained or increased.
    3. Facilities are improved.
    4. Instructional technology resources are increased.
  • Design and implement evaluation instruments for the positions of Technology Director, Operations & Transportation Director, Food Service Director and Business Manager.