Letter of Recommendation Form

Most scholarships and some colleges require at least one letter of recommendation. This is a letter of support that someone writes on your behalf that is submitted to scholarship or college admission committees. Some tips to remember:

  • When choosing someone to write your letter of recommendation, you might consider a teacher/administrator who knows you well, coach or activity advisor, an employer with whom you have a positive relationship, or a member of the community with whom you have worked on service activities.
  • Be sure to give the letter-writer at least three weeks notice–the earlier, the better. Many West Liberty local scholarships are due at the end of March, and teachers are often inundated with letter requests a week before the deadline. Giving your letter writers plenty of notice will benefit both them and you.
  • Giving the letter writer the Letter of Recommendation Request Form allows them to include information in their letter that fully represents your academic and personal qualities.
  • After they write or send off your letter of recommendation, always write the person who composed your letter of recommendation a thank-you note.

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