Regent Admission Index (RAI)

Do your post-secondary plans involve attending Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, or the University of Northern Iowa? If your answer is, “yes”, here’s some things you need to know to gain acceptance into Iowa’s three public universities.

Iowa high school graduates who want to be guaranteed admission to Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, and the University of Northern Iowa will need to score at least 245 points on an index used by the admission’s offices. Recently, the Iowa Board of Regents approved the creation of the Admission Index which includes ACT score, grade point average, class rank and the number of core courses taken during high school.

Gone is the long standing rule of requiring the state’s three universities to admit all Iowa high school graduates who finish in the upper top half of their class and take core courses. This criteria will hopefully encourage Iowa’s students to take more rigorous and challenging courses as a means to grow and learn, rather than to take less demanding courses with the sole objective to preserve grade point averages and class rank.

The admission index formula looks like this:

(2 x ACT composite score) + (1 x high school rank) + (20 x high school GPA) + (5 x number of core-subject-area courses completed at high school)

The message is clear: If your future post-secondary plans include college or university studies, it is essential that you complete as many challenging courses as possible, prepare for the ACT, and achieve a respectable grade point average. Above all, don’t let grade point preservation and class rank be your only pursuit, rather, take a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum in high school as this is still the biggest predictor of success in higher education and something that will eventually earn you a college degree.

West Liberty Approved Core courses 2017-2018