English 10

Career Paper Handouts and Assignments

Argumentative Speech Research Resources

Source Requirements:

  • At least THREE total sources
  • Two of your sources must support your position.  One of your sources must support the counter-argument.
  • At least TWO of your sources must be from SIRS Issues Research or GALE Resources.
  • You will turn in a bibliography for this speech.  You may either use Easybib.com or format/organize it yourself. 

Argumentative Speech Research Notes Organizer (Save to your T: Drive right away)

Speech Outline Template (Save to your T:Drive right away) 

SIRS Issues Researcher

  1. Go to www.iowaaeaonline.org and click on SIRS Issues Researcher. (Username: 6975wlhs Password: mbaea9)
  2. If you are doing a search, choose the Keyword/Natural Language option.
  3. How to Cite: The citation is listed at the bottom of the page. Simply copy and paste the citation into your bibliography, making sure to keep your entries in alphabetical order. OR—copy the citation. Then, in Easybib, click on All 59 Options, choose Write/Paste Citation, and then paste the citation in the box. 

GALE Resources

  1. Go to www.iowaaeaonline.org and click on GALE. (Username: 6975wlhs Password: mbaea9)
  2. Click on the High School tab and then click on Student Edition.
  3. Type in your search strategy, using the limiters (publication date, subjects, document type) on the left hand side to find the best articles to support your stance. 
  4. How to Cite: The citation is listed at the bottom of the page. Simply copy and paste the citation into your bibliography, making sure to keep your entries in alphabetical order. OR—copy the citation. Then, in Easybib, click on All 59 Options, choose Write/Paste Citation, and then paste the citation in the box. 

Webpath Express

  1. From the school website, go to the Library Catalog (under Quicklinks) and click on Webpath Express on the left hand side.
  2. Enter in your search strategy, being a little broader in your search terms. 
  3. How to Cite: Copy and paste the URL into the Cite a Website section of Easybib. You will need to supply some additional information from the website like the author, publisher, and publishing/revision date of the site.

General Internet

  1. For some of your topics, the general internet may be a good source of information. Here are some guidelines to follow:
    1. No blogs or forum sites should be used for research
    2. Can you identify the author or at least what organization is publishing the site? Do they seem credible (ethos)
    3. Is the information on the site current and accurate? 
  2. How to Cite: Copy and paste the URL into the Cite a Website section of Easybib. You will need to supply some additional information from the website like the author, publisher, and publishing/revision date of the site.

Poetry Resources

  • The Poetry Archive
    Search The Poetry Archive for published poems, listen to poets reading their work, and watch interviews with poets.
  • Poetry 180
    This site, created by Poet Laureate Billy Collins, is designed to make it easy for students to hear or read a poem on each of the 180 days of the school year.  These poems are selected especially with high school students in mind.
  • Poets.org
    This site features over 2,500 poems from famous poets, along with recordings of poets reading their work and biographies of authors.  Search for poems by poet, title of poem, or by theme.  There’s even an entire section devoted to published Vampire Poems!
  • Poetry Foundation
    This site contains poetry published in print by many reputable poets.  Search for poems by poet, occasion, category, title, first line, or glossary term.  The site also contains sound files of famous poets reading their poetry.
  • For your Soundtracks

Night Research Project

As you prepare to read Night, start your research here with relevant internet sites, links to helpful databases, books from our library catalog, and a link to Easybib to cite your sources.

Citing your sources @ Easybib.com is ….easy! Hint:  Log in to your account and create a new list for this project.

  • AEA Online Databases
    • Culture Grams :  A wealth of information on customs and culture of each country.  Many good images for presentations.
    • AP Images :  Associated Press news and magazine images for presentations and projects.
    • Britannica Online:    Online Encyclopedia with comprehensive information on Afghanistan.
    • Learn 360 : A collection of videos and video clips on a variety of topics that can be used for presentations and powerpoints.
    • Gale : Good resource for current news and magazine articles and other research documents.
  • Concentration CampsVisit the Jewish Virtual Library and explore the concentration camps that existed during World War II. The web site lists the concentration camps that existed, and provides links to pages for each one. There you will find photographs and specific details about each camp. A concentration camp listing gives the names of each camp organized by their location, and provides access to documents and accounts written by concentration camp survivors.
  • Remember.org: A Cybrary of the HolocaustVisitors will find personal narratives, book excerpts, photos, audio and video presentations, research, and artwork here. Accounts are included from victims, families, resistance fighters, rescuers, and perpetrators alike. Interactive maps are included, life in the camps is examined, and case histories of survivors long separated and then reunited are included.
  • Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History ArchiveThis Web site provides a library of oral histories from survivors of the Nazi Holocaust of the Jewish people. Visitors can choose from over fifty interviews of survivors. The text transcript of the interview is available online along with the audio portion of the interview. The interviews cover a wide range of topics as they apply to each individual. Topics include family life before the war, religious life, the separation of family members, life in the concentration camps and ghettos, liberation, post-war life and more.
  • United States Holocaust Museum
  • List of Holocaust Research Topics
  • Holocaust Encyclopedia
  • What is Genocide?
  • Krystallnacht: The November 1938 Pogroms
  • Nazi PropagandaThis page is a collection of English translations of National Socialist propaganda for the period 1933-1945, part of a larger site on German propaganda.
  • Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust ZTestimonies at Yale UniversityThe Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies is a collection of over 4,300 videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust. This site includes excerpts from this archive.
  • Judaism 101Use the search bar to find information on topics relating to the Jewish faith.
  • The History Place: Genocide in the 20th Century

Print resources in our library

Click here for a list of book sources in our library about the Holocaust and topics related to your Night projects.

Nonfiction Booklist

Remember that nonfiction is a broad term—memoirs, (auto)biographies, informational books, books about history, etc. all fall under the genre of nonfiction—so the world is your oyster! Below are some suggestions you can find in our high school library.

  • Help Yourself For Teens : Real-Life Advice For Real-Life Challenges
    158 Pel Pelzer, David J.
  • Father Greg & The Homeboys : The Extraordinary Journey Of Father Greg Boyle And His Work With The Latino Gangs Of East L.A.
    259 Fre Fremon, Celeste.
  • Wonderland : A Year In The Life Of An American High School
    SET 305.235 Bam Bamberger, Michael, 1960-
  • The Freedom Writers Diary : How A Teacher And 150 Teens Used Writing To Change Themselves And The World Around Them
    305.235 Fre Freedom Writers.
  • Two Teenagers In 20 : Writings By Gay And Lesbian Youth.
    305.9 HER Heron, Ann, editor
  • GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning) : The Survival Guide For Queer & Questioning Teens
    306.76 Huegel Huegel, Kelly, 1974-
  • Always In Our Hearts : The Story Of Amy Grossberg, Brian Peterson, And The Baby They Didn’t Want
    364.15 MOS Most, Doug.
  • Ridiculous/Hilarious/Terrible/Cool : A Year In An American High School
    373.18 Coo Cooper, Elisha.
  • Fifteen Candles : 15 Tales Of Taffeta, Hairspray, Drunk Uncles, And Other Quinceañera Stories : An Anthology
    394 Fif edited by Adriana Lopez.
  • Math Doesn’t Suck : How To Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind Or Breaking A Nail
    510 Mck McKellar, Danica.
  • Stiff : The Curious Lives Of Human Cadavers
    611 Roach Roach, Mary.
  • The Demon In The Freezer : A True Story
    616.9 PRE Preston, Richard, 1954-
  • Nim Chimpsky : The Chimp Who Would Be Human
    636.988 Hes Hess, Elizabeth.
  • A Short History Of The Honey Bee : Humans, Flowers, And Bees In The Eternal Chase For Honey
    638.1 Rea Readicker-Henderson, Ed.
  • Capote In Kansas : A Drawn Novel
    741.5 Par Parks, Ande.
  • Let Me Play : The Story Of Title IX, The Law That Changed The Future Of Girls In America
    796 Blu Blumenthal, Karen.
  • Winning Ways : A Photohistory Of American Women In Sports
    796 MAC Macy, Sue.
  • In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle
    796.323 Bla Blais, Madeleine.
  • Friday Night Lights : A Town, A Team, And A Dream
    796.332 BIS Bissinger, H. G.
  • Hurricane Season : A Coach, His Team, And Their Triumph In The Time Of Katrina
    796.332 Tho Thompson, Neal.
  • Six Good Innings : How One Small Town Became A Little League Giant
    796.357 Kre Kreidler, Mark.
  • Daytona : From The Birth Of Speed To The Death Of The Man In Black
    796.72 HIN Hinton, Ed.
  • Four Days To Glory : Wrestling With The Soul Of The American Heartland
    796.812 Kre Kreidler, Mark.
  • The Diary Of A Young Girl
    940.53 Frank Frank, Anne, 1929-1945.
  • A Friend Called Anne : One Girl’s Story Of War, Peace, And A Unique Friendship With Anne Frank
    940.53 Frank Lee, Carol Ann.
  • Maus I : A Survivor’s Tale : My Father Bleeds History
    940.53 Spiegelman Spiegelman, Art.
  • Band Of Brothers : E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne, From Normandy To Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest
    940.54 Amb Ambrose, Stephen E.
  • Red Scarf Girl : A Memoir Of The Cultural Revolution
    951.05 JIA Jiang, Ji-li.
  • First They Killed My Father : A Daughter Of Cambodia Remembers
    959.604 Ung Ung, Loung.
  • The 9/11 Report : A Graphic Adaptation
    973.931 Jac Jacobson, Sid.
  • Firehouse 974.7104 HAL Halberstam, David.
  • Postville : A Clash Of Cultures In Heartland America
    977.7 Bloom Bloom, Stephen G.
  • Every Second Counts
    BIO Armstrong Armstrong, Lance.
  • It’s Not About The Bike : My Journey Back To Life
    Bio Armstrong Armstrong, Lance.
  • Atlas : From The Streets To The Ring : A Son’s Struggle To Become A Man
    Bio Atlas Atlas, Teddy.
  • A Long Way Gone : Memoirs Of A Boy Soldier
    Bio Beah Beah, Ishmael, 1980-
  • Flags Of Our Fathers
    Bio Bradley Bradley, James, 1954-
  • The Great Escape
    Bio Brickhill Brickhill, Paul.
  • Skate Legends
    BIO Brooke Brooke, Michael, 1964-
  • Sweet Summer : Growing Up With And Without My Dad
    BIO CAM Campbell, Bebe Moore, 1950-2006.
  • Standing Eight : The Inspiring Story Of Jesus “El Matador” Chavez, Who Became Lightweight Champion Of The World
    Bio Chavez Pitluk, Adam.
  • Blue Skies, No Fences : A Memoir Of Childhood And Family
    Bio Cheney Cheney, Lynne V.
  • The Girl In The Green Sweater : A Life In Holocaust’s Shadow
    Bio Chiger Chiger, Krystyna, 1935-
  • Loss Of Innocence : A Family’s Journey With Meth
    Bio Clem Clem, Ronald B.
  • Educating Esmé : Diary Of A Teacher’s First Year
    Bio Codell Codell, Esmé Raji, 1968-
  • Claudette Colvin : Twice Toward Justice
    Bio Colvin Hoose, Phillip M., 1947-
  • King Of The Mild Frontier : An Ill-Advised Autobiography
    BIO Crutcher Crutcher, Chris.
  • Geeks : How Two Lost Boys Rode The Internet Out Of Idaho
    BIO DAILEY Katz, Jon.
  • Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace : The Diary Of Dang Thuy Tram
    Bio Dang Ð̆ạng, Thùy Trâm, 1943-1970.
  • Charles And Emma : The Darwins’ Leap Of Faith
    Bio Darwin Heiligman, Deborah.
  • The Pact : Three Young Men Make A Promise And Fulfill A Dream
    BIO DAV Davis, Samson.
  • The Bond : Three Young Men Learn To Forgive And Reconnect With Their Fathers
    Bio Davis Davis, Sampson.
  • We Beat The Street : How A Friendship Pact Helped Us Succeed
    Bio Davis Davis, Sampson.
  • American Son : My Story
    Bio DelaHoya De la Hoya, Oscar, 1973-
  • Riding In Cars With Boys : Confessions Of A Bad Girl Who Makes Good
    BIO Donofrio Donofrio, Beverly.
  • Eagle Blue : A Team, A Tribe, And A High School Basketball Season In Arctic Alaska
    Bio Dorso D’Orso, Michael.
  • Season Of Life : A Football Star, A Boy, A Journey To Manhood
    Bio Ehrmann Marx, Jeffrey, 1962-
  • Enrique’s Journey
    BIO Enrique Nazario, Sonia.
  • Favre : For The Record
    BIO FAVRE Favre, Brett.
  • In Defiance Of Hitler : The Secret Mission Of Varian Fry
    Bio Fry McClafferty, Carla Killough, 1958-
  • Hole In My Life
    BIO Gantos Gantos, Jack.
  • Never Stop Pushing
    Bio Gardner Gardner, Rulon.
  • Bill Gates : A Twentieth Century Life
    Bio Gates Aronson, Marc.
  • Stick Figure : A Diary Of My Former Self
    BIO GOTTLIEB Gottlieb, Lori.
  • Marley & Me : Life And Love With The World’s Worst Dog
    Bio Grogan Grogan, John, 1957-
  • The Radioactive Boy Scout : The Frightening True Story Of A Whiz Kid And His Homemade Nuclear Reactor
    Bio Hahn Silverstein, Ken.
  • When Broken Glass Floats : Growing Up Under The Khmer Rouge : A Memoir
    BIO HIM Him, Chanrithy, 1965-
  • Perfect, Once Removed : When Baseball Was All The World To Me
    Bio Hoose Hoose, Phillip M., 1947-
  • Escape! : The Story Of The Great Houdini
    Bio Houdini Fleischman, Sid, 1920-
  • Our America : Life And Death On The South Side Of Chicago
    Bio Jones Jones, LeAlan.
  • Frida Kahlo : Torment And Triumph In Her Life And Art
    BIO Kahlo Drucker, Malka.
  • Little Heathens : Hard Times And High Spirits On An Iowa Farm During The Great Depression
    Bio Kalish Kalish, Mildred Armstrong.
  • The Bite Of The Mango
    Bio Kamara Kamara, Mariatu.
  • I Am Scout : The Biography Of Harper Lee
    Bio Lee Shields, Charles J., 1951-
  • Into The Wild
    BIO MCCANDLESS Krakauer, Jon.
  • The Game Of My Life : A True Story Of Challenge, Triumph, And Growing Up Autistic
    Bio McElwain McElwain, Jason.
  • Becoming Anna : The Autobiography Of A Sixteen-Year-Old
    Bio Michener Michener, Anna J., 1977-
  • The Oldest Rookie : Big-League Dreams From A Small-Town Guy
    BIO MORRIS Morris, Jim, 1964-
  • How Can I Talk If My Lips Don’t Move? : Inside My Autistic Mind
    Bio Mukhopadhyay Mukhopadhyay, Tito Rajarshi.
  • Eastern Sun, Winter Moon : An Autobiographical Odyssey
    BIO PAULSEN Paulsen, Gary.
  • My Life In Dog Years
    BIO PAULSEN Paulsen, Gary.
  • Winterdance : The Fine Madness Of Running The Iditarod
    BIO Paulsen Paulsen, Gary.
  • The Privilege Of Youth : A Teenager’s Story Of Longing For Acceptance And Friendship
    Bio Pelzer Pelzer, David J.
  • The Big Book Of Dummies, Rebels And Other Geniuses
    Bio Pouy Pouy, Jean-Bernard.
  • Three Little Words : A Memoir
    Bio Rhodes-Courter Rhodes-Courter, Ashley, 1985-
  • Always Running : La Vida Loca : Gang Days In L.A.
    SET BIOG RODRIGUEZ Rodriguez, Luis J., 1954-
    When I Was Puerto Rican BIO Santiago Santiago, Esmeralda.
  • Hard Driving : The Wendell Scott Story : The American Odyssey Of NASCAR’S First Black Driver
    Bio Scott Donovan, Brian, 1952-
  • Rachel’s Tears : The Spiritual Journey Of Columbine Martyr Rachel Scott
    BIO SCOTT Scott, Darrell.
  • Riding The Bus With My Sister : A True Life Journey
    BIO Simon Simon, Rachel, 1959-
  • Ghosts Of War : The True Story Of A 19-Year-Old GI
    Bio Smithson Smithson, Ryan.
  • Katie.Com : My Story / Katherine Tarbox.
    BIO TAR Tarbox, Katherine.
  • ADHD & Me : What I Learned From Lighting Fires At The Dinner Table
    Bio Taylor Taylor, Blake E. S.
  • Malcolm X : A Graphic Biography
    Bio X Helfer, Andrew.