Spanish 5

Human Rights Print Resources in Our Library

  • Every Human has Rights : a Photographic Declaration for Kids
    Forward by Mary Robinson
    (323 Eve)
    Presents large, color photographs illustrating the thirty rights of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights document accompanied by children’s poems.
  • Stand Up for your Rights
    editors, Paul Atgwa … [et al.] ; design and illustration team, Riffat Lotia … [et al.].
    (323 Sta)
    Provides the text of and history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and illustrates how the declaration’s individual articles correspond to human rights issues in specific countries.
  • Child Labor Today : A Human Rights Issue
    Wendy Herumin.
    (331.3 Her)
    Explores child labor around the world, discussing what it is, abuse in the workplace, slave labor, children working in the informal economy, and solutions to the problem.
  • Human rights : opposing viewpoints
    Mary E. Williams, book editor.
    (323 Hum)
    Presents opposing viewpoints on such issues as defining human rights, how to stop human rights abuses, and how the world should respond to crimes against humanity.
  • Rigoberta Menchú Túm : champion of human rights
    (Bio Menchu)
  • A biographical account of the Quiché Indian woman from Guatemala who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 in recognition of her work for social justice.

Human Rights Web Resources

  • Human Rights 101
    This web site describes the basic human rights including children’s rights, women’s rights, social, economic and cultural rights, civil and political rights, and the rights of ethnic minorities.
  • Human Rights in Action
    Find both the complete text of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and another version of it in plain language for students to understand.
  • Human Rights Watch
    Learn all about the latest human rights issues from this site which is updated daily to reflect our ever changing world. Information is also available for each country in the world, to reflect policy changes, current events and recent speeches made by leaders.
  • Human Rights First: Crimes Against Humanity
    This website explains the abuses and harassment that is currently happening in many countries around the world.
  • Amnesty International USA: Action for Human Rights. Hope for Humanity
    On this website, you can read what’s happening in specific cases throughout the world, or look at ‘human-friendly’ clothing and music. You can read about human rights issues and reports from students that have actually met with refugees.
  • I Have a Right To…
    Learn about discrimination, anti-terrorism, labor standards, legal proceedings, and trade unions. Find out how international laws are trying to protect people from slavery, forced marriage, and domestic violence.
  • Human Rights Campaign
    Access the web site of the Human Rights Campaign to learn of the continued fight for basic civil rights by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.