Google Guru

Use Google Scholar to find scholarly articles and excerpts from books.

Use Google Books to find excerpts from books or read books for free. After clicking on Browse books and magazines », choose Literary Criticism. Add the title or author you are researching in the search bar after Subject: “Literary Critcism”. (Example: Subject: “Literary Criticism” Beloved. )

If you find a book you would like to use as a source, simply click on the cover, and copy and paste the ISBN into Easybib.
Basic Examples
This Search Finds Pages Containing…
biking Italy the words biking and Italy
recycle steel OR iron information on recycling steel or recycling iron
I have a dream the exact phrase I have a dream
salsa dance the word salsa but NOT the word dance
Louis +I France information about Louis the First (I), weeding out other kings of France
castle ~glossary glossaries about castles, as well as dictonaries, lists of terms, terminology, etc.
fortune-telling all forms of the term, whether spelled as a single word, a phrase, or hyphenated
definitions of the word imbroglio from the Web

Operators Meaning Type Into Search Box (& Results)
+ – * / basic arithmetic 12 + 34 – 56 * 7 / 8
% of percentage of 45% of 39
^ or ** raise to a power 2^5 or 2**5
old units in new units convert units 300 Euros in USD, 130 lbs in kg, or 31 in hex
Restrict Search
Operators Meaning Type Into Search Box (& Results)
site: Search only one website or domain. Halloween
(Search for information on Halloween gathered by the US Census Bureau.)
[#]..[#] Search within a range of numbers. Dave Barry pirate 2002..2006
(Search for Dave Barry articles mentioning pirates written in these years.)
(or ext:)
Find documents of the specified type. Form 1098-T IRS filetype:pdf
(Find the US tax form 1098-T in PDF format.)
link: Find linked pages, i.e., show pages that point to the URL.
(Find pages that link to Warrior Librarian‘s website.)
Specialized Information Queries
Operators Meaning Type Into Search Box (& Results)
(or books)
Search full-text of books. book Ender’s Game
(Show book-related information.
Note: No colon needed after book.)
define: Provide definitions for words, phrases, and acronyms from the Web. define:kerning
(Find definitions for kerning from the Web.)
subject:  Search within a subject subject: “Literary Criticism” bluest eye
(Search for literary criticism on “The Bluest Eye”
movie: Find reviews and showtimes. movie: traffic
(Search for information about this movie, including reviews, showtimes, etc.)
stocks: Given ticker symbols, show stock information stocks: goog
(Find Google’s current stock price.)
weather Given a location (US zip code or city), show the weather weather Seattle WA, weather 81612
(Show the current weather and forecast.
Note: No colon after weather.)
Alternative Query Types
Operators Meaning Type Into Search Box (& Results)
cache: Display Google’s cached version of a web page.
(Show Google’s cached version of the US Internal Revenue Service home page.)
(or id:)
Find info about a page.
(Find information about The Onion website.)
related: List web pages that are similar or related to the URL.
(Find websites related to the Healthfinder website.)

Restrict Search to Sites where Query Words Appear
Operators Meaning Type Into Search Box (& Results)
inanchor: Terms must appear in anchor text of links to the page. restaurants Portland inanchor:kid-friendly
(Search for pages on Portland restaurants for which links to the page say they are “kid friendly.”)
allintext: All query words must appear in the text of the page. allintext:ingredients cilantro chicken lime
(Search for recipes with these three ingredients.)
intext: The terms must appear in
the text of the page.
Dan Shugar intext:Powerlight
(Find pages mentioning Dan Shugar where his company, Powerlight, is included in the text of the page, i.e., less likely to be from the corporate website.)
allintitle: All query words must appear in the title of the page. allintitle: Google Advanced Operators
(Search for pages with titles containing “Google,” “Advanced,”, and “Operators”.)
intitle: The terms must appear in the title of the page. movies comedy intitle:top ten
(Search for pages with the words movie and comedy that include top ten in the title of the page.)
allinurl: All query words must appear in the URL. allinurl:pez faq
(Search for pages containing the words pez & faq in the URL.)
Restrict Search to Google News
Operators Meaning Type Into Search Box (& Results)
location: Find News articles from sources located in the specified location. queen location:uk
(Find British news articles on the Queen.)
source: Find News articles from specified sources. peace source:ha_aretz
(Show articles on peace from the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz.)