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What Can Parents Do to Help Their Children with Spanish?

¿Que pueden hacer los padres?

Oir canciones en espanol apropiadas a su edad. Maria Lara puede dar nombres de grupos infantiles espanoles. Listen to age-appropriate music in Spanish. Maria Lara can provide the names of some musicians that record music for children.
Ver peliculas en espanol o subtituladas en espanol. Watch movies in Spanish, or watch movies with Spanish subtitles.
Leer con papa y mama algunos comics. Read comic books or newspaper comics in Spanish with your children.
Use the West Liberty Public Library’s online resources such as Mango Languages. You can also search the library’s catalog for Spanish language materials.
Label (etiquetar) los objetos de la casa. Label objects around the house.
Poner en el frigorifico las palabras nuevas que la familia aprende. Post on the refrigerator the new words that the family learns together.
Para los grados mayores pueden ver las noticias deportivas en Espana, Mejico o cualquier pais de habla espanola. For older students, watch the sports news from Spain, Mexico or any country that speaks Spanish.
Some teachers send home a Spanish-language spelling list with English translations so that parents can help students study at home.
In the 3rd grade, the DL teachers send home the exact same homework on Tuesdays and Thursday – a worksheet that has English on one side and Spanish on the other.
3rd grade DL students are required to take two books home each night:  one in Spanish and one in English.  They are required to spend 10 minutes reading in each language and have sign a sheet to verify.
Fondo Lector es un programa de desarrollo de la lectura comprensiva. “Fondo Lector” is a program for development of reading comprehension
Another source of readings in the Spanish language (zipped files):
Fondo Lector es un programa para el desarrollo de la lectura comprensiva que consta de cinco cuadernos. “Fondo Lector” worksheets with short readings, followed by
A blog to learn Spanish as a foreign language: levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2