Program Goals

Program Goals

Goal 1: To Increase Student Academic Achievement

  • Students in the Dual Language Program meet high expectations by performing academically at levels equivalent to their peers in monolingual classrooms on multiple assessments.
  • Students can read at their developmental level in their first and second language.
  • Students demonstrate growth on the Individual Proficiency Test (IPT), Logramos (Spanish ITBS), Iowa English Language Development Assessment (I-ELDA) for first and second language development, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), and other grade level assessments for academic achievement when applicable.
  • Through instruction in two languages, English and Spanish, students demonstrate academic proficiency in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.
  • Dual Language students participate in school-to-work or career training.
  • Students value their community, their Dual Language education, and their bilingual/biliterate skills as solid preparation for work and for active participation in the life of their community.

Goal 2: To Assist Students in Becoming Bilingual and Biliterate

  • Equal value is placed on Spanish and English building-wide.
  • Students demonstrate effective communication in both English and/or Spanish.
  • Students’ first and second language development is supported and encouraged by teachers and parents.
  • Students have immediate and long-term goals for first and second language development (oral to academic).
  • The theories and strategies of providing differentiated instruction are valued and used in teaching all students.
  • Students value and work towards becoming bilingual.
  • Administrators, teachers and staff value bilingualism.

Goal 3: To Assist School and Community Members in Developing Cross-Cultural Relationships

  • Student diversity is a valuable classroom resource.
  • The program assists individuals in developing an awareness and appreciation of the diversity and uniqueness of individuals.
  • Individuals in the school and community provide opportunities to demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and a positive sense of self-identity.
  • The Dual Language Program is integrated with and enriches regular building and district- wide programming.
  • Student classroom interactions demonstrate cross-cultural relationships.
  • Administrators, teachers and staff are positive representatives and spokespersons at school, in the community and throughout Iowa for the West Liberty Community School District’s Dual Language Program.

Goal 4: To Establish A Home-School Partnership

  • Parents and teachers work together to promote and support social, language and academic growth.
  • The Dual Language team members regularly communicate with parents.
  • The team, as appropriate, informs, trains and supplies parents with educational activities that can be accomplished at home where the parent is involved in teaching the child.
  • Educational activities at home support learning in the classroom.
  • Parents have opportunities to meet other parents and begin to develop cross-cultural relationships.
  • Parents have input on evaluating the Home-School Partnership and the Dual Language Program.