Stakeholder Commitment

Stakeholder Commitment

Parent Commitment
Parents have a vital responsibility in the social, emotional, and educational development of their children. It is crucial that parents and teachers form a home-school partnership to enhance the likelihood of each child reaching his/her developmental potential. The partnership strengthens and maintains parental involvement in the education of their children while assuring that the home and the classroom are working toward achieving the same educational goals.

Parents are making a minimum commitment on behalf of their child and themselves to participate in the Dual Language Program through fifth grade. Parents are strongly encouraged to continue enrolling their student(s) in dual language courses throughout junior high and high school.

This commitment cannot be withdrawn when the child displays periods of frustration or the silent phase in language learning.

  • Many children become frustrated at one time or another when learning a second language.
  • Most children go through a silent period in learning their second language.
  • Upon teacher or parent request, parents, teachers, and the principal will meet to determine whether or not to withdraw a student from the Dual Language Program.

School Commitment
West Liberty Community Schools will provide a safe and caring environment where students can experiment with language use until they have achieved success in a second language for social development and academic learning. The district, in collaboration with state and federal agencies, will provide the time, materials, and resources to support the Dual Language program.

Teacher Commitment
Dual language staff will teach language, knowledge, and skills in interactive classroom settings appropriate to the student’s language level. Instruction will accommodate various learning styles and multiple intelligences. The staff will develop activities that are hands-on, built on past experiences, and relevant to students’ daily lives. On-going opportunities will be provided for student language modeling, peer teaching, and other collaborative modes of learning.