What is expected of the student’s riding a bus?

  1. Bus riders will be at the designated bus stops 10 minutes before the bus arrival time or outside of their homes ready to get on the bus.

  2. Remain quiet enough not to distract the driver – students are not to shout or be boisterous.

    1. When crossing railroads be extremely quiet so bus driver can hear for on-coming trains.

  3. Go directly to seats when entering the bus so driver can continue on route.

  4. Remain seated while the bus is in motion.

  5. Keep hands, arms and head inside the bus at all times.

  6. Do NOT throw objects about the bus or out of the bus.

  7. Keep the aisles clear at all times.

  8. Move carefully and quickly on and off the bus.

  9. Please do not eat or drink on the bus.

The bus driver is your “teacher” on the bus. They are in charge of all students and their safety while on the bus. If the actions of a student or students on a bus cause a disturbance which causes the driver to be distracted, an accident is more likely to happen. Therefore a bus driver is not expected to continue to transport students who cause problems on the bus and thereby make the trip less safe for everyone. The bus driver has the authority to assign seats to all students if he/she feels it is necessary.

Students and parents should understand that the students riding the school buses must obey all the expectations of riding the bus or the student may not be allowed to ride the bus. All school buses are equipped with the video cameras to help monitor bus safety.

If your student’s behavior or attitude is not acceptable the following consequences may apply:

  1. Verbal warning from bus driver.

  2. Bus report may be completed by bus driver and turned into the principal; the principal may conference with student and/or parent and give consequence.

  3. After two written bus reports, the student may lose the privilege of riding the bus for three days, the parents would be notified immediately.

  4. After three written bus reports, the student may lose the privilege of riding the bus for a week (5 days), the parents would be notified immediately.

  5. After four written bus reports, the student may lose the privilege of riding the bus entirely.

Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from school while a student is suspended from riding the bus. If a student does not attend school during a bus suspension, it will be counted as an unexcused absence.