The purpose of the West Liberty High School Silver Cord Program is to instill within students the importance of community service, and encourage students to be accountable for investing in their own education and in the community on a regular basis during their school years.

The Silver Cord Award is a distinguished volunteer service award available to West Liberty High School students. Those students who complete 120 hours of community service by May 6th of their graduating year will receive the Silver Cord to wear at graduation.

It is important to note that students are expected to complete 30 hours each year. A student cannot put off service learning hours until his or her senior year. A 10th through 12th grade student may write a petition to earn up to, but no more, than 30 hours to make up for previously lost hours of service.


Who is eligible to participate?
9th through 12th grade students of West Liberty Community School District

Students who complete 120 hours of community service fy May 15th of their graduation year will earn the Silver Cord to wear at graduation. Students who complete at least 30 hours per year will be recognized annually on the Silver Cord display board.

  • Students must complete the required paperwork on time for volunteer hours to be counted.

  • Community service projects must be pre-approved by the Principal or designee to ensure that work qualifies.

  • Students may volunteer during summer and log hours to be submitted by September 15th. The calendar year for Silver Cord runs from May 1st to May 15th of the following year.



Consider WLHS volunteer activities that interest you. Visit the Silver Cord bulletin board in WLHS, access the Silver Cord opportunities on the West Liberty Schools website, or check in the high school office. You will find volunteer activities that qualify for the Silver Cord Program, or develop your own ideas.

Think about what you can do to help in the schools. Not all service opportunities have to be completed outside of the school day. Helping with extra-curricular activities, in the library assisting a teacher, or tutoring a fellow student may be considerations for service learning. You may also assist teachers or students in the lower grades as well.

Complete the Pre-Service Approval Form. This form can be found in the office or can be downloaded off of the school website. Submit the Pre-Service approval form to the Silver Cord coordinator, the Principal, or his designee and allow at least 48 hours for approval from the time of submission. A Pre-Service Approval Form must be completed and approved before completing the service activity. This prevents any misunderstanding of qualifying hours. If the Pre-Service approval form is not filled out and turned in, service hours are not guaranteed to be awarded. Silver Cord hours must be for meeting a clearly defined NEED for an agency. social service, group, school-related or community even. Other activities may apply as determined by the Silver Cord coordinator. Activities listed on the Silver Cord bulletin board or website or with the office do not need pre-approval.

Complete your service. Submit your Silver Cord form to the Silver Cord coordinator, Principal, or designee–one form per site. Forms need to be turned in within 2 weeks of completing the volunteer experience for hours to count toward the recognition award. Forms and hours should be turned into the high school secretary to be sure they are kept track of.

Choose to be a volunteer again! The more hours you volunteer, the closer you are to a Silver Cord at graduation. Remember, the most important thing is giving back to our community. Your service matters!

Summer service. Students should pick up Silver Cord forms before the end of the school year to photocopy and use during summer service or download a form from the Silver Cord webpage. Summer service hours not pre-approved before school is out are not guaranteed to be awarded. Students should keep completed approval and award forms until they return to school in the fall. Summer service materials are due by September 15.

Service NOT recognized for the Silver Cord Program. school activities such as selling merchandise (fundraisers), homecoming events, music or athletic practices, work for one’s family, babysitting or work in which one is paid, participation in self-improvement workshops and clinics, service which is part of an academic, court ordered, or discipline requirement are not allowed as Silver Cord service hours.

Please get approval from the Silver Cord coordinator, Principal, or his designee before completing the volunteer service to be sure hours will count. All documents must be turned in as directed. Please contact the Principal with any questions.


Responsibility and Commitment

  • The volunteer partner is counting on you…show you care!

  • Treat your volunteer experience like a job:

    • Be prompt.

    • Set up a schedule and stick to it.

    • Call ahead if you are unable to attend and arrange to make up missed hours.

  • As a volunteer, you are representing yourself, your school, and the West Liberty High School Silver Cord Program. Show your Comet Pride and do a great job!

Proven benefits of volunteering

  • Explore majors and careers that interest you.

  • Build your resume and gain valuable work experience.

  • Learn new skills.

  • Improve your chances of getting a job.

  • Learn things that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

  • Improve your self-esteem and sense of personal satisfaction.

  • Contribute to your community.

Expectations and Rights of West Liberty High School volunteers

A West Liberty Silver Cord student who volunteers at a community organization is expected to…

  • Provide the organization with details on their interests, strengths, and area of study, schedules, and availability.

  • Behave in a professional manner

  • Dress in accordance with the organization’s dress code policy/wear appropriate attire.

  • Arrive on time. Provide advance notice if unable to attend.

  • Provide quality work.

  • Demonstrate respect for all individuals.

  • Maintain a positive attitude.

  • Document hours.

  • Provide the organization with the verification of service form for review upon completion of volunteer hours.

  • Contact the Silver Cord coordinator or WLHS Principal for assistance and/or speak with a supervisor.

A West Liberty Silver Cord student who volunteers for a community organization has the right to…

  • Have a clear understanding of the organization where volunteering.

  • Be assigned fulfilling work.

  • Ask questions if assigned projects are not clear.

  • Be respected by everyone in the work setting.

  • Be provided with a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Develop his/her individual potential.

Expectation of volunteer community partners

As a West Liberty Silver Cord community partner, we encourage you to…

  • Provide the student with an overview/orientation of your organization (mission, values, programming, etc.) or project

  • Introduce the student to others at the volunteer site.

  • Provide a safe and positive volunteer opportunity.

  • Provide any training necessary to complete the assigned tasks through supervision and support.

  • Evaluate the student’s performance and notify the WLHS Principal or designee if the student volunteer or service is not of high quality.

  • Thank the student for his/her time and effort.