Advisement Objective

  • To build relationships and enhance classroom instruction to meet the academic, social, and personal needs of all students at WLHS.

  • Overarching Goals for Advisement

    • Reduce the percentage of students on the failure list each term.

    • Increase the percentage of students on the honor roll.

    • Increase the percentage of graduates from WLHS that are enrolled in a postsecondary institution through their second semester of their second year.

    • Increase the percentage of students who voice a positive and personal connection with at least one adult in the building.

    • Focus on character and social development through the creation of a common language.


  • Bring your materials with you every day, including; a notebook, a pen or pencil, your daily planner, and any other materials pertinent to the day’s work.

  • Be ready to go at the beginning of every class by being seated and having your materials out. Attendance and participation are critical to benefitting from this curriculum and earning credit.


  • I will make a commitment to providing you with a meaningful advisement experience, I will monitor and promote your progress, and I will be there to support you during your high school experience.

  • You can always come to me with any question, problem, complaint, criticism, or compliment about the class, myself, or anything else on your mind.


  • Advisement is a pass/fail course that will earn one credit per academic year. (.5 credits per semester)

  • In order to receive a passing credit you must earn 80% of possible points each term.

  • Daily Points:

    • 2 points – meets standard (present, on time, completing required tasks and contributing to class discussion)

    • 1 point – does not meet standard (present, but not positively contributing to the class)

    • 0 points – absent, no work made up

  • Make-up policy – When you are absent it is your responsibility to check with me to see what you missed. All late work due to missing class will be due by the next advisement period, unless special arrangements have otherwise been made with me.