Bus # 2 Driver: O’Neil, Steve

Regular routes will be run.

Bus # 4 Driver: Struck, Terry

West on 121st, South on X34 (Davis) west on F62 (130th) to county line (7:10), turn around. Go to Elder Ave., south to Elder Ridge regular route (7:20), pick up, and return to West Liberty.

Bus # 7 Driver: Chelf, Rob

East to Atalissa-north on Atalissa Rd X46 to County line (7:00), turn around-return to West Liberty, north on Garfield Ave. to 320th St. then go to 310th and turn around (7:20), stop at County Line Rd. turn around, return to West Liberty.

Bus # 10 Driver: Meyers, Jay

South on 70 to 220th St., turn around (7:10), North on 70 to Nichols, stop in Nichols at west park (7:20), return to West Liberty.

Bus # 19 Driver: Tietje, Nora

West on Hwy 6 to the Johnson/Muscatine County Line (7:20), travel east on Hwy 6 to X34 (Davis Ave.), go South on X34 (Davis Ave.) stop at Davis and 120th (7:30) go East on 121st-South on Eliason Ave., to Terrace Ridge, pick up (7:35), continue with regular route.

Bus # 12-1 Driver: Adams, Kelly 

South on HWY 70 to 180th St. turn around return to West Liberty and go to Country Heights regular route (7:20) pick up and return to West Liberty

Bus # 14 Driver: Ruess, Dan

South on Hwy 70 (7:00) east on F70 to Kelly Ave, return to West Liberty. Stop at Trailer Court at 7:30.

Bus # 16 Driver Marlin Daufeldt 

Regular stops in Atalissa, then return to West Liberty.

Bus #17 Driver: Reimers, Dick

South on Hwy 70 to Hoot Owl Jct. Then West on 22 to Nichols, south on Davis Ave., to 200th St, (7:00) turn around-return to Nichols and pick up at park (7:25), return to West Liberty.