Every effort will be made to support a child’s success in the Dual Language Program. Should a child experience difficulty, the following steps will be taken.

  1. The parent(s) and teacher(s) will discuss the concerns. The student may also be asked to attend. Interventions must be implemented and data collected.

  2. Parent (s) must meet with building principal and/or dual language coordinator and teacher(s) to discuss further interventions.

  3. If interventions fail to improve the situation, the family may choose to formally withdraw the child from the Dual Language Program. It is recommended that this occur at the end of the academic year. Individual Education Plans take precedence over all program placement/withdrawal decisions.

  4. Parents will be asked to complete a Consent to Withdraw Form.

  5. Students that withdraw from the Dual Language Program will be unable to re-enter the Dual Language Program.

  6. A student who is dis-enrolled from the West Liberty Community School District is also withdrawn from the Dual Language Program and will be unable to re-enter.

Withdrawal Form English

Withdrawal Form Spanish