Dual language students receive grade-level instruction in the core content areas using the West Liberty Community School District’s Standards and Benchmarks for math, science, social studies, and language arts/reading.

  1. The program team strives to have a 50/50 balance of English and Spanish-speakers.

  2. Teachers are responsible for assisting students in the development of their native language.

  3. Teachers are responsible for assisting students in the development of their second language through content area instruction and through instruction in second language development-English as a Second Language (ESL) and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL). Language development includes gaining knowledge and skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

  4. Dual language students will receive the same curriculum as English-only students. The content allocation plan is listed here.

    1. Kindergarten–Math, Social Studies, Literacy in Spanish; Literacy in English; Science

    2. Grades 1-2–Math, Social Studies,  Literacy in Spanish; Literacy, Science in English

    3. Grades 3-5–Math, Literacy, Social Studies in English; Literacy, Science in Spanish

  5. Based upon the availability of certified staff, dual language students are eligible for all district programs and services, providing they are compatible with the native language philosophy and methodology of two-way immersion programming.

  6. The program will work with other programs in context, including At Risk, Talented and Gifted (TAG), and Special Education, to communicate the needs of students in order to secure appropriate services.

  7. The 6th grade students receive daily Social Studies and Literacy instruction in Spanish. The 7th and 8th grade students receive daily instruction in Spanish Literacy as preparation for an advanced track of Spanish at the high school level.

  8. The anticipated scope and sequence of coursework at the high school level includes a continuation of Spanish language instruction through Spanish as a world language. The sequence of courses is listed here.

    1. Dual Language Spanish 3

    2. Dual Language Spanish 4

    3. Dual Language Spanish 5–Concurrent Enrollment course through Muscatine Community College

    4. Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture.

  9. Modification of the system-wide program will be accomplished jointly and with consensus, involving all building-level Dual Language team members, administrators, the Superintendent, and the District Board of Education. Where consensus is not reached, the Board of Education, having been fully informed, is the final authority.