Frequently Asked Quesitons Regarding Virtual Learning Through Edgenuity

Parent/Family Questions Regarding Edgenuity

  1. If we choose Edgenuity for our children and decide during the year that we would like for them to attend in person, will that be an option? (perhaps at the end of each trimester?)

    1. Students and families will have the first 10 days (September 1st) to assure that virtual learning is the choice that they wish to make.  After 10 days they will be committed until after winter break (January 3rd), at which point students will be able to come back to in-person learning if they choose.  If students are not attending their virtual learning courses they will be asked to return to in-person learning.

  2. If our children are in Dual Language, are there offerings on Edgenuity for Dual Language students, or would they no longer be in Dual Language if we select the virtual option
    1. There will not be a Dual Language virtual option.  Families who choose virtual will be dropped from the Dual Language Program.  Edgenuity doesn’t have Spanish content courses.

  3. How much screen time will students have?  Will it be a full 8 hour day or will it be different
    1. Screen time will be determined by families. The classes will more or less be self-paced and the students can work on them at the times they choose.

  4. How will using the online learning provider work?
    1. Students will work with the District Mentor to set up their classes

    2. There will be a Parent Orientation with Edgenuity and the District Mentor

    3. Classes will more or less be self-paced and the students can work on them at the times they choose.  Attendance and progress will be tracked. 

  5. Will there be specific assigned courses we will have to take, or can we pick courses?
    1. Courses will be selected with our District Mentor to select courses/classes.  WLCSD is obligated to be sure that students meet state requirements so there will be specific courses that need to be included in each student’s schedule
  6. Does Edgenuity offer a preschool program?  
    1. No, Edgenuity only offers virtual learning for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

    If you have any questions that have not been answered by this FAQ please reach out to Kara Kruse,  

    If you have already registered your child for the 21-22 school year and wish to change the learning option that you selected please reach out to your child's building secretary.