A Note From The Foodservice Director

The WLCSD Foodservice Team is asking for your patience and understanding as we continue to do our best to provide healthy meals for West Liberty students despite some major supply chain issues.  Due to these issues, our menus will be subject to change based on the availability of products,  and you may see less variety on our menu.  We will continue to do our best with the ingredients and supplies that we are provided.  The list of outages at our suppliers continues to fluctuate and grow, therefore we have to do the same in our kitchens.  

We just received this notification from one of our suppliers, Martin Bros:

"Across the globe, every industry is feeling the impact of a severely broken supply chain. Analysts predict we will continue to endure these challenges well into 2022. Workforce disruption across all levels of the foodservice industry paired with raw material shortages and the inability for manufacturers to properly forecast will continue to place strains on product availability. "

We will continue to do our best to find substitutions for missing items so that we can continue to provide nutritional meals for our students.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Laura Smith, lsmith@wl.k12.ia.us.