5th Grade Music Enrichment meeting with Nimo Patel

This special moment occurred yesterday during 5th grade Music Enrichment as as follow up to the story that we posted on November 17th featuring the class performing their rendition of the song "Grateful" by Nimo Patel.   

The students asked me to reach out to the rapper and producer, Nimo, and send him a video of their performance.  He LOVED the video and asked to meet them over Zoom!  Yesterday, we were able to get on a call with him (all the way from India) and ask him lots of questions about his career and musical interests.  He told our Comets that they inspired him and made him feel very grateful for performing his song!  What an awesome opportunity for our students, we are forever grateful to have the chance to meet with Nimo Patel!  Thank you Nimo for taking the time to arrange this meeting!